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Hydrodome (Remixes) - EP - Sound of Science

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February Ends EP Released!

February Ends is now available through most online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play) with CD to follow! Download the single and remixes by Semaj Foreman and Steve Stoll! iTunes CDBABY

Sound of Science is a transatlantic duo comprising Tom and Jason of Analogue Solutions.

Tom has been building synthesisers for over 15 years. He has supplied synths to people such as Trent Reznor, Martin Gore, Vince Clarke, Phil Oakey, Daniel Miller, and many more. The designs are directly influenced by his love of electronic music.

Jason is an analogue synth wizard, composer and a lover of all things that make noise. He also produces the legendary Rezfilter videos (see YouTube) that highlight these excellent synthesisers.

Together they have pooled their years of combined experience in songwriting and sound design to produce real songs using real synthesisers.

February Ends vocals via Jayden Frost:

Jayden Frost electrified audiences across the U.S. and Mexico as the voice and face of When in Rome (replacing Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann) on their extensive tour bringing his positive energy to stage performance, radio interviews and television. When In Rome, who’s number one hit “The Promise” reached top ten on the pop charts, and #1 on the dance charts in 1989-1990 (and was the most recognized song in the blockbuster film Napoleon Dynamite).

Some of the acts that Jayden Frost has shared the stage with include: Devo (Whip It!), A Flock Of Seagulls (I Ran), Bow Wow Wow (I Want Candy),The Psychedlic Furs (Pretty In Pink), Animotion (Obsession), Deborah Gibson (Only In My Dreams/Foolish Beat), Gene Loves Jezebel (Desire), Dramarama (Anything, Anything), and Tommy Tutone (867-5309).

– See more at: http://www.jaydenfrost.com.hostbaby.com/index/

Lyrics via Robert Hawkins:

Robert, aka “Professor Sabiá”, is the founder of the United Capoeira Association – Santa Rosa. When he’s not kicking ass, he’s playing the piano, singing or otherwise enjoying great electronic music. Robert is a big fan of classic electronic acts such as Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and of course, Sound of Science. Robert writes from the heart, and he’s passionate about all things in life, music and career.

Remix artists featured on February Ends EP:

Semaj Foreman:

Semaj Foreman is an American music producer, recording artist, video director/editor, creative director, fashion/graphic designer, idealist, entrepreneur, inventor and Creator Of Future Union Company.

Semaj Foreman records and produces his own genre of music classified as “Astrotech” because of his fascination with robotics, astronomy, acoustics, and technology.

Semaj is an autodidact, and experiments with the drums, keyboard, synthesizer, vocoder, and is currently learning the acoustic and electric guitar, but a majority of his music is created digitally.

Achievements Semaj Foreman has won three consecutive contests held by the popular website Jamglue.com at the age of 18 Semaj, formerly known as “Hit’Em” produced two tracks “Say Goodbye” and “Hustlin” on Vanilla Ice’s 2005 “Platinum Underground” Album.

2012 Digitally internationally released his 1st 2 fully produced EP’s 1st released on

January 8,2012 Johnny Mark Jacob 1st official EP titled “Starting All Over Again” & his on EP titled “War With Love” Released on February 14, 2012 Valentines Day.

Also recently 2012 he was crowned winner of the AT&T Presents Bitten By…A Fresh New Artist Music Contest for The CW Network hit show Vampire Diaries with his song titled “Love Triangle”. Featured on episode 64/20 titled “Do Not Go Gentle” broadcast on April 26, 2012. Also had a special 90sec Music Video done by The CW Network view able on cwtv.com.

January 15, 2013 his production titled “Its Star Time In Brooklyn” was selected by Converse from Indaba Contest to be on the title screen for all of Converse Rubber Tracks web videos & Converse web properties.

Semaj is currently in the studio, producing with various Indie & Major Artists.

Follow Semaj: https://www.facebook.com/semajforeman2u

Steve Stoll:

Steve Stoll is an American electronic music producer who has remixed/collabed with artists from Gary Numan to Front 242, and has produced for numerous labels over the past 25 years, and is the owner of Techno Imprint Proper N.Y.C.

Selected discography

1994: Storm – The Art Of Sync (Djax-Up-Beats)
1995: Acid Farm – The Silver Spiral (Proper N.Y.C.)
1996: The Operator – Zero Divide (Play It Again Sam)
1997: Steve Stoll – Damn Analog Technology (Sm:)e Communications)
1998: Steve Stoll – The Big Apple Bites Back (Mirakkle Records)
1998: Steve Stoll – The Blunted Boy Wonder (NovaMute)
1999: Steve Stoll – Supernatural (Proper N.Y.C.)
2000: Steve Stoll presents The Blunted Boy Wonder – Innuendo (Music Man Records)
2002: Steve Stoll – Public Address Live (Proper N.Y.C.)
2003: Steve Stoll – Was Here (FAX +49-69/450464)
2005: Steve Stoll – Exiled (FAX +49-69/450464)
2008: Steve Stoll – Locate (Locate)
2008: Steve Stoll – Zero Point Crossings (FAX +49-69/450464)
2009: Jeff Green & Steve Stoll – Tangled (Databloem)
2014: Steve Stoll – Praxis (Psychonavigation Records)

Interview with Steve: http://www.elektraxmusic.com/steve-stoll-interview/

“Perception” short by V. Avseeva Designs

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